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Korea Electric Association will take the lead
of the realization of 'E-Topia' the world of
people being happy.

"Welcome to our Korea Electric Association's website !"

​Korea Electric Association is a central association representative o f the entire electric industry of Korea,
established in 1965 to take the lead of the development and unity of the electric industry.
Over the past half century, the association as a centripetal body has made efforts to reinforce electrical industry and national competitiveness as well as to Improve the quality of life of the people.

As the electrical industry has served as a underpin for the country's economy to emerge as the world's top 10 and now electricity industry is creating the key driving force for realizing creative economy, such as smart grid and energy industry, the association is committed to opening the age of income $ 40, 000 over $ 30 000.


In line with this, the association will continue to grow as a representative body of the Republic of Korea, loved and trusted by those involved in electricity as well as by the public by further pushing on policy development, R & D, and training so that the electricity industry can work as a new growth engine industry.

We would like you to support us so that the website can play a role as a strong bridge among members, those involved in electricity, and the people. Thanks